SARAH SUTTON is in interested in landscape, the environment, and memory. She is a painter and native plant specialist based in Pittsford, NY. She was born in the Appalachian coal mining region of Northeastern Pennsylvania and lived there for the first 11 years of her life. The town that she grew up in rests over flooded anthracite coal mines. She then moved to a suburb of Cleveland, 10 miles from the Perry Nuclear Plant. The cooling towers overtook the landscape. Both places had a lurking environmental threat, yet life marched forward. 

These early visual landscapes had an impact on her paintings and ideas. In her paintings, the human realm is organized like rhizomatic mycelium, connecting things that aren’t supposed to go together (i.e., theme parks, nuclear waste, living rooms, trout, mushrooms) to focus on symbiotic relationships that span time, species and place.

Her artwork has been shown in Europe and across the United States. She attended the Millay Colony artist residency, Santa Fe Art Institute and Yaddo and was a featured artist in New American Paintings, Northeast Edition #158.