...the only simplicity to be trusted is the simplicity to be found on the far side of complexity -Alfred White Northead

The challenge is to understand the image really on all the levels simultaneously, and not as an unrelated set of derived images at different levels of blurring.- J.J. Koenderink 

I create visually dense hybrid landscape paintings  to reconsider notions of space, place, 'wilderness' and the built environment. I imagine in-between spaces, scalar fluidity, and psychic spaces, where the private and public realm collapse. Short-term comforts and long-term consequences are married, and histories and genealogies whose boundaries and borders dissolve and reappear in unexpected places. I’m trying to dissolve the skins, barriers and delineations that limit our perception. The process is almost like a thought problem that starts with the question “what would it look like if…?” Most of the time the question centers on combining spaces or moments that aren’t meant to go together, letting them collude, collide and clash and then looking for pattern, resonance and schematic visual structures that emerge as I paint. The subject matter centers on the complex history of capitalism, the movement and extraction of natural resources, as well as speculative futures.